small town. big design.

they are

They = The Businesses.

All of the ideas we’ve had rolling around in our heads for years. The seeds have all been planted, and now we’re going to watch them grow.

A Retail Store: We’re establishing a local brand that promotes our local lifestyle through local products.And we’re promoting it nationwide.

A Service Business: We’re launching a service business that helps small towns grow.

A Restaurant: Real food. Real good. Locally sourced. Along with a product line of course.

A Building Redevelopment Project: Its a historic building. We have a creative re-use planned that we think will bring a retail and destination anchor to the community.

A Cookbook: We cook. We’re going to document it.

Yes. All of these business ideas are brewing all at the same time, and we’re not rich people folks. We’re doing this penny by penny. If we happen to find some investors along the way… fantastic. Capital is the mega-fertilizer of great ideas. If not, we’re pushing forward regardless. It could be a frighteningly lean startup or a fully funded venture.

Are we insane? Probably. But you know what? Life is short. We can sit back and watch out time tick away, or we can live our dreams.

We choose living.

Oh. We’re renovating my house too.


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