small town. big design.

the small town

We live and work in a small town called Greenville, Ohio. We’ve been here most of our lives, with the exception of an 8 year stint in Washington DC as I explored the world of corporate boardrooms and the design of brands for large scale real estate developments.

Greenville has an interesting history. It was here that a treaty was signed that some say opened the door to the the settlement of the west. It is here that food is grown that nourishes a large portion of the country, and the tools are created that prepare meals for millions. We’ve grown famous performers, sports stars and super chefs.

This town has good genes and fertile ground for growth.

We think Greenville has the potential for greatness. With a little strategizing, some great design and a whole lot of love, this little town can thrive. We believe that small towns like Greenville are what truly keeps this country alive and kicking, so we’re working — step by step — to create our own little pieces of the revitalization puzzle.

It should be an interesting entrepreneurial and spiritual journey.


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