small town. big design.

if you plant a seed, something will grow

Here’s what happens in our house when we:

Need to think.
Are feeling creative.
Are frustrated.
Are feeling peaceful.
Are hungry.
Have some time.

Any time.

We cook. Then we take pictures of what we cook. Then we write about it. Or share pictures of our creations with others so we can brag about our bounty.
This is some of the first harvest from our wild and crazy, overgrown jungle of a garden. Eggplant, herbs and a mix of tomatoes. That means it’s most definitely time for some homemade pasta.

At the end of July, we bought a brand new KitchenAid stand mixer during the famous Annie Oakley Days sidewalk sale. Greenville is the birthplace of the KitchenAid mixer, you see, and we are lucky enough to have a fantastic showroom right across the street from the office. My old mixer was going on 15 years old, and although it was still kicking, we frequently overworked it. We needed a big bowl and a powerful motor, so the Professional series 7 quart big daddy now graces our counter top and it flies through pasta dough like nobody’s business. Who’d ever want to buy store-bought pasta when making your own is this easy?

More later. Work calls. Think primavera until the next post.

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One thought on “if you plant a seed, something will grow

  1. Beautiful photos!

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